We offer a range of burst strength testers, as shown below:

SDL Digital P2000 Burst strength with extension and p.c.

Messmer Buchel pneumatic Burst strength

Heals Bench top, BS dual range 160 – 400lbs/1” 2

Mullen motorised single gauge

Aquati hand single gauge

Perkins Bench Top, single range,

Goodbrand bench top dual 0-100 & 400lbs/1”2

Toyoseiki twin gauge, 0-5kgf/cm2 (0-500kpa) and 0-25kgf(0– 2500 kpa)

Toyoseiki twin gauge 0-500kpa 0-25 kgf/cm2(0 -2500 kpa )

L & W (small distension) paper? 

Messmer Buchel

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