The assessment of snap attachment strength is an important criterion especially in the design and manufacturer of garments of infants’ and children wear. The measurement of an uniform force applied to the snap attachment shall be recorded by means of a force-measuring device (in this case a Calibrated Presto Push/Pull Scale is utilized) known as Snap Button Pullout Tester. Once the appropriate force is registered on the Button pull test machine, a stop clock is used for recording a set period of time.


  • ASTM Designation: D4846 88
  • Capacity: 20Kgf

Standard Test Method for Resistance to Unsnapping of Snap Fasteners Consumer Products Safety Commission. This equipment would be calibrated and supplied with calibration weight and certificate.




  • ASTM Designation: D1776ASTM PS79-96

This test method cover an uniform force required to pull a snap attachment perpendicular to the garment. The snap attachment is not forced to separate from the garment. This method is required attachment of snaps to specimens using specifications provided by the producers of the snaps. This test method is used to establish correlation to wear conditions and for comparing different brands and types of snap fasteners.

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