The Cusick Drape Tester introduces a simple method of measuring the drape of fabric, papers, films, cloth, non-wovens and laminates. To Standards BS 5058 / EN 9073, UNI 8279, AFNOR GO7-109, ERT 90-1.

Typically used by companies whose products will be used in the medical and food packing industries’, it allows cost-effective testing and quality management to be carried out for this important parameter. A circular sample is placed between two discs and is deformed when permitted to hang under its own weight. Using a powerful light source and precision parabolic mirror a shadow of the draped specimen is cast onto the measuring ring. The resulting shadow is then traced on the ring, which is then cut along this trace. The cut-out shape is then weighed and the drape coefficient calculated. Various sizes of sample and ring can be used, and generally the stiffer the sample the larger the measuring ring that should be used.

Spare bulbs £ 47.50 ea. or £ 230 for 10.
Spare paper circles available – 24cm, 30 cm, 36cm diameter.

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