SiroFAST – Fabric Assurance by Simple Testing, is a quality assurance system developed in Australia by CSIRO to meet industry’s need for a simple reliable method of predicting fabric performance.

Fabric manufacturers, suppliers, finishers and garment manufacturers needed a simple reliable and cost effective method of predicting fabric performance in garments.

What CSIRO did:

It is currently being used by fabric and garment manufacturers in many parts of the world in a wide variety of applications and has fast become the industry benchmark standard.
SiroFAST is a system of objective measurements for assessing the appearance, handle and performance properties of fabrics, using an integrated set of instruments and test methods.

SiroFAST measures the mechanical, dimensional and pressing performance properties of fabric to predict performance in garment manufacture and the appearance of the garment in wear.

A simple series of tests can predict how a fabric will perform when made-up into a garment – providing valuable information for fabric manufacturers, suppliers, finishers and garment manufacturers.

The tests are simple and the equipment is easy to use with results able to be obtained quickly and provided in a graphic form which facilitates rapid interpretation and application.

Despite the simple appearance of SiroFAST, it is based on considerable research into the relationships between measured fabric properties and fabric performance.

The benefits of SiroFAST:

The SiroFAST system is simple to use, robust and gives a reliable prediction of performance.

As the time required for testing is short, SiroFAST is highly suitable for use by fabric and garment manufacturers.
SiroFASTâ„¢can tell you how a fabric will perform in terms of compression, extension, bending, dimensional stability and pressing performance.
Each test results in what is known as a ‘Fabric Fingerprint’ – essentially a plotted chart – and the results can be used for:

  • Fabric specifications
  • Developing new fabrics
  • Comparing fabric finishing routes
  • Assessing the stability of finished fabrics
  • Predicting tailoring performance and final garment appearance.

Abnormal ‘Fabric Fingerprints’ pinpoint potential problem areas. Early identification of problem fabrics allows remedial action to be taken before the cost of rejects becomes an issue. Better still, it enables the best finishing route to be selected from the outset, to produce the optimal tailoring performance.

During its introduction into Europe and the USA SiroFAST has proved to be a valuable tool in many aspects of fabric and garment manufacture including quality control, problem solving and product development.

The greatest value of the system may prove to be in encouraging communication between fabric and garment manufacturers by allowing the exchange of objective information on performance of fabrics and removing some of the subjectively from discussions.

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