The latest Martindale for cloth abrasion or fabric pilling comes in a 4, 6 or 8 head format.
The machine conforms to BS EN, ISO, ASTM, Marks and Spencer and DIN standards as well as other national standards. The control system has been especially developed for the Martindale APS and provides a host of options and information which make testing easier.

  • 4-Head Martindale suitable for Abrasion and Pilling.
  • 6-Head Martindale suitable for Abrasion and Pilling. 
  • 8-Head Martindale suitable for Abrasion and Pilling. 
  • 9-Head Martindale suitable for Abrasion and Pilling. 

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GSM Balances

GSM Top Pan Balance just £295

The new digital top pan balances give a direct reading of gms/sq.m sample yield to a maximum of 20,000 gms/sq.m in 1gm increments. 
We offer a range of new balances for Fabrics and Yarn.

*GSM Package Offer*

GSM Balance & GSM Cutter + 10 Cutting Mats + 50 blades.

Only:  £ 599

Save: £50

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Circular GSM Cutter

Fabric GSM circular / round cutters just £269.

Circular cutters 100cm2 accessories

*10 Foam Pads / Cutting Mats =£59

*50 Spare (German) Blades = £25

*Cutter Package Offer*

GSM Circular cutter + 10 Cutting Mats + 50 blades + GSM Balance. Only: £599

Save £50

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Light Cabinets

Light Cabinets / Light Box Available in

60cm -  79 x 49 x 33cm 

120cm - 130 x 78 x 62cm

150cm - 156 x 78 x 59cm

Light Box Includes: Standard lamps included with the light boxes; D65 Artificial daylight, tungsten filament plus Ultra violet plus 1 or 2 of the following;


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Laboratory Ovens

New General Purpose laboratory Ovens

*10 Sizes Available up to 200 Liters capacity.
*Temperature range: 40 to 250C & Fluctuation +/- 0.75C
*Aluminium coated mild steel chamber
*Direct reading thermostat and Safety overheat thermostat
*Horizontal style from 75 liters
*Full two year warranty
*C.E Compliant


*Stainless Steel Chamber
*Fan circulation (30 litre +)
*Microprocessor digital controller

Full two year warranty Other accessories available on Request

 Prices from £ 565

New and Used laboratory ovens, laboratory incubators, industrial ovens, curing ovens and drying ovens.

Carbolite PF 30 Fan, digital control and temp. display.,Camlab Oven,Gallenkamp BR185H oven,Gallenkamp vacuum oven,Dual purpose lab. ovens/incubators,Water baths,Cooled incubators,Drying and warming cabinets

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The Perspirometer is designed for use in the determination of colorfastness of fabric, cloth, to water, seawater and perspiration.

The Perspirometer can be used to fulfil the requirements of the following standards:
BS 1006, BS EN 20105, ISO 105, AATCC 15, 106, 107 &165 DIN 54005, 54006, 54007, 54020.when supplied with the correct weight.

The apparatus consists of a stainless steel frame with 21 acrylic separator plates and a loading weight of 5kg. Up to 20 specimens can be accommodated in the PERSPIROMETER.

A complete Perspirometer Testing Kit can be supplied, which includes:

Chemicals (makes up to 200 litres)
Incubator Unit 30 litre capacity with two shelves and six shelf positions
Multi-fibre adjacent strip Type 2 DW
Grey Scales (ISO 105 A02, ISO 105 A03)

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Yarn Count Balance

Portable yarn count balance pre-programmed to your own count and yarn length requirements.

Measures in direct and indirect count systems. Will also weigh in gms. at the touch of a button. Printer available.

Specifications -  Portable Balance

Maximum Capacity 810.0 g
Readability 0.01 g
Taring range 0...610 g
Repeatability 0.01 g
Linearity ± 0.02 g

Settling time (typical) 2.5 s
Adjustment with external weights 500 g

Interfaces RS-232C (option)
Size of weighing pan ø 160 mm
Dimensions 194 x 225x 67mm (WxDxH)
portable with high precision

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Precision Tumble Dryers

New Standard Tumble Dryers Specifications

*120 minute timer
*Max load of 5kg
*Reversing action
*2 heat settings
*10 minute cooling time
*Complies with international standards

The physical parameters are designed to meet the requirements of the following standards and other test methods developed by retailers:

EN ISO 6330:2001
EN 26330 1993
ISO 6330 1984
Marks &Spencers
P1A, P3A, P3B, P4, P4A, P12, P91

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New Crockmeters with standard features:

* 9N load arm with 16mm diameter rubbing finger with easy to use Crocking Cloth Clips
* Pinned polycarbonate specimen clamp and adapter for yarn specimens
* Full garment handling capability

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Digital Reflectometer

*A portable meter for measuring reflectance of textiles and flat materials or surfaces
*It is hand held and self contained with integral rechargeable batteries
*The clear digital read out incorporates a battery low indicator and the charger is included in the kit
*A certified white reference tile is provided for routine user recalibration
*The whole system is supplied in a padded 'attache style' carrying case

Price £695

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