New Equipment 

Textile measuring, inspection, checking machines, equipment, devices manufactured and for sale


Yarn Testing
Includes wrap reels, twist testers, Shade card winders, levelness testers
Dry Fabric Testing
Includes Martindales, Pillboxes + pilloscope + holoscope, Circular cutters, Balances, Mace snagging testers, Elnapress, Crockmeters, Sublimation tester.Seam Slippage,Jimpers,tensile tester, Light fastness
Wet fabric Testing
Wascator FOM71MP, Hoovermatic twin tubs, perspirometers, Wash Wheels,Deioniser, Water vapour permeability tester.
Light Cabinets
Verivide every shape and configuration.
Fastness testing products/consumables



A Variety a Fastness testing consumables












Cloth testing equipment

Incubators, Ovens and Environmental chambers

 A Range of Ovens, Incubators and Enviromental Chamber made to personal specificatons

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Our Customers

We are one of the leading and most trusted brands in the Textile Industry. We have sold textile machinery to some of the largest companies in the world, including; Adidas, Warner Bros Studios, Disney, Nike, Regatta, Burton, Topman and many many more