Our Promise 

Our used machinery is thoroughly checked and is sold in good working order.

This is where we differ from other used machinery dealers. We have over 30 years experience in this industry and Equiptex is nearly 20 years old. We do not believe there is anyone with a broader range of knowledge of textile testing instruments and their mechanics. We spend very little time on sales most of our time is spent in the meticulous preparation of machines for our customers, we will not normally even make follow up calls on enquiries.

Where faults occur that must have been evident in the machine but not found, then Equiptex will endeavour to make good any necessary repairs even on used equipment.

Our business is built on trust and it is our intention to deal in an honest manner.

We hope our past customers will testify to this, and therefore we have taken the liberty to list some of the more recent ones .

Contact Info

Phone: 00 44 (0)1274 831000
Fax:      00 44 (0)1274 831111
Address: Bronte Works Sapgate Lane, Thornton, Bradford, BD13 3HD
E-mail: Mail @ equiptex.com
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Our Customers

We are one of the leading and most trusted brands in the Textile Industry. We have sold textile machinery to some of the largest companies in the world, including; Adidas, Warner Bros Studios, Disney, Nike, Regatta, Burton, Topman and many many more