Antique textile testing equipment, antique scientific instruments, old looms, spinning wheels and more…

There are the obvious things like antique brass wrap reels ( over 50 in stock) antique brass twist testers, Hank and yarn strength testers, hand looms and an old clocking in machine.

Slightly more unusual are old Crockmeters, Martindales, pill boxes and copper ovens.

A huge W & T Avery 5 cwt. floor mounted scale. Dial in wood case!

Even more unusual are things like old Fielding and Walker evenness testers, Wooden Uster levelness testers, early c.r.l. strength testers, old drying ovens and a whole lot more.





We are in the process of establishing a library of old textile books, specialising in the UK and testing.

We may at a later date post a list of the books here. Should you have any antique textile books we would gladly give them a new home?