Shirley Mini Spinning Plant 

Comprising : PLATT Miniature Carding Machine.

Sample cotton card laboratory. Sample laboratory Miniature Draw Frame. Miniature sample laboratory Ring Spinning Frame.

Previously fully reconditioned and sold by SDL

10” (300mm) working width with feed apron, feed roller, feed plate, taker-in, cylinder, doffer and doffer comb. Fitted with 8 stationery flats, take-off to revolving drum to feed Shirley miniature draw frame or other tests. Metallic card clothing throughout.

Supply creel to accommodate web drum from Shirley miniature card. 4 roller, 2 zone drafting system for short, medium or long staples. Producing sliver wound on drum suitable for further processing.

8 spindle single sided machine, creel for 2 drums of miniature draw frame sliver each feeding 4 spindles. 2 zone apron drafting system for staples up to 64mm (2.5”) to be processed at drafts up to 400. After spinning yarn is wound on ring tubes for ease of testing and evaluation.
Also spare Cotton cards, drawframe and ringframe. 


Sample yarn twister Calvani Duotex Ritorcitoio Jet 4f

4 end Calvani Duotex in stock

Fibre Blender 

Fibreblender for cotton, wool and other fibres;

Essdiel Fibreblender or SDL/Atlas F099 laboratory fibreblender and opener.

To prepare, open or clean natural and synthetic fibres up to 38mm.

TNO Delft Fibreblender for longer fibres Wool etc.

Sclumberger A. Thibeau sample gill box for wool type fibres.

Old cast mini sample gill box for wool

SKF Spintester

6 head sample spinning plant for longer fibres; wool, alpaca, mohair etc.

Sample Cards  

Sample card with hopper 50cm wide two workers and strippers

Sample card 50cm roller width with 3 workers and strippers, doffing roller. 60 cm dia.