Crock meter with counter. Colour fastness to rubbing.

Grey scales and crocking cloth, crockmeter spares, crock cloth ,30 + used crockmeters in stock

The Crockmeter is used to determine colour fastness to ‘crocking’.

Crocking is the resistance of the colour of a textile sample and other materials to rubbing off and staining.

The conventional design of the Crockmeter has been enhanced using advanced materials to minimise friction at the crank pin and arm guide whilst eliminating the requirement for lubrication and the potential for contamination.

The Crockmeter is constructed from materials that are extremely durable to ensure a long service life.

Standard Features:

  • 9N load arm with 16mm diameter rubbing finger with easy to use Crocking Cloth Clips
  • Pinned polycarbonate specimen clamp and adapter for yarn specimens
  • Full garment handling capability

A motor driven version of the Crockmeter is available if it is a requirement to perform high volume or extended tests. This version incorporates a counter to automatically stop the test after the number of pre-set cycles has been completed.






Without counter BS spec.






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