The Perspirometer is designed for use in the determination of colorfastness of fabric, cloth, to water, seawater and perspiration.

The Perspirometer can be used to fulfil the requirements of the following standards:
BS 1006, BS EN 20105, ISO 105, AATCC 15, 106, 107 &165 DIN 54005, 54006, 54007, 54020.when supplied with the correct weight.

PerspromiterThe apparatus consists of a stainless steel frame with 21 acrylic separator plates and a loading weight of 5kg. Up to 20 specimens can be accommodated in the PERSPIROMETER.

A complete Perspirometer Testing Kit can be supplied, which includes:

Chemicals (makes up to 200 litres)
Incubator Unit 30 litre capacity with two shelves and six shelf positions
Multi-fibre adjacent strip Type 2 DW
Grey Scales (ISO 105 A02, ISO 105 A03)

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