Cusick Drape Tester

Button Snap Pull Tester

SiroFAST System

Perspirometer / Perspiration testers to DIN 54005, BS 1006, AATCC 15, 106, 107, ISO 105 E01 / E02 / E04, DIN EN ISO 105 E01 / E02 / E04, M& S C6, C7, NEXT TM4. 

Accelorotor Viewer

SiroFAST is a fabric quality assurance system.

Elmendorf Tear Tester

Colour Matching Systems & Spectrophotometers

AATC Accelerotor

Wira Steam Cylinders 

WIRA Steam cylinders with steam generators

Atlas bean bag snag tester.

Jamalite garment inspection

Flex abrasion scrub tester (Coated fabrics)

Bullmer werk conter press

Steaming Cylinder With Integral Steam Generator. To determine the shrinkage of unstressed fabric samples subjected to steaming in a closed chamber. Provided with a stainless steel fabric supporting frame to accommodate 4 samples and an automatic timer. To Standards ISO 3005, BS 4323, M&S P8.

Steaming Stability Template. The Steaming Stability Template is suitable for use with steaming cylinders when testing fabrics for relaxation shrinkage. It is used to mark the fabrics before testing using a benchmark of 250mm and to read shrinkage directly in percentage after testing.

Jimper / Swatch Pattern Cutter  

Used Gimpers jimpers pinking machines in stock,




motorised and hand operated

Cloth Gimpers, 12" to 36" motorised and hand.

Nova Sina Digital Temperature and humidity meters.

Tagging guns with spares.

Schildknecht flextester.

Taper line gratings.

Qualitymaster plus mobile quality control for Half hose, panty hose and tights .

Heraeus Fixotest and Roaches thermofix Sublimation,

UV. Lights

grey scales

Vacuum oven.



Trumetre cloth measurement

Heraeus Fixotest / Roaches Thermofix

To determine color /colour fastness ( sublimation )to dry heat and hot pressing To standards  ISO 105, BS 1006, AATCC 92, 114, 117, 133 DIN.

Contact Heat Scorch testers

Pressure applied via heated top plate. Various types in stock.

Contact heat units Sublimation : 

Atlas scorch single small head 120v

Roaches Twin head, small plate 7”x4”

Heraeus Fixotest, 3 head, small plate

Roaches Single head, large plate 8”x8”

Roaches Single head see photo

Hydrostatic Head Testers

Fabric Stiffness Tester

Air Permeability

Measures the Air Permeability of fabrics/cloth.


Test area                                                             10, 20, 50 and 100sq. cm

Measuring ranges of the 3-step manometer        0. . .300. . .1000. . .2000 Pa

Measuring ranges of the 4-step rotameter           4. . . 40 I/h

20 . . . 299 k/h

120 . . . 1200 I/h

8 . . . 8000 I/h 

Light Cabinet

To standards BS 950, DIN 6173, M&S, C1, C2. NEXT COLOUR ASSESMENT

Light Box, Viewing Booth, Light Booth, Viewing Box, Colour Cabinets, and are used within a wide array of industry sectors throughout the world including Textile, Graphics, Automotive, Ceramics, Cosmetics, Food, Footwear, Packaging and Printing. VeriVide light cabinets provide the most accurate light cabinet for visual assessment of fabrics, garment or cloth, textiles and most products, Light booth with D65 lamp, artificial daylight is unbeatable. Light boxes have other lamps; TL83, TL84 or TL84 P15. Cabinets come with four or five light sources. UV and tungsten are normally standard. CWF or cool white fluorescent is another new option.

Dimensions (mm) CAC 150/120 light cabinet
CAC 150 Width Height Depth cac 120 light cabinet
Overall 1560 780 620
Viewing Cavity 1520 570 590
CAC 120
Overall 1300 780 620
Viewing Cavity 1260 570 590
Switch Identification
01 Mains on/off
D65 VeriVide "Artificial Daylight" Fluorescent lamps conforming to the international Standard Illuminant D6500 within the tolerances prescribed in BS 950:Part 1.
D652 Additional level of "Artificial Daylight" for colours of low reflectance factor. Switches D65 and D652 must be depressed together.
Philips Triphosphor fluorescent lamps often chosen as a "Point of Sale" illuminant.
F Tungsten Filament lighting required by BS 950:Part 1 as a test for metamerism. (CIE Illuminant 'A').
UV Ultra Violet Blacklight to reveal the presence of fluorescent dyes and bleaches.
Alternative fluorescent lamps can be incorporated if required but three fluorescent light sources plus filament is the maximum for the CAC150, CAC120 and CAC60. The CAC Portable can be supplied with the addition of one extra fluorescent source selected from the following: D75, D50, TL83, TL84, Cool White, Natural, Warm White.
When ordering, please state which lamps are required.
Dimensions (mm) CAC 60   light cabinet  packed weight 25.45kg
Width Height Depth cac 60 light cabinet
Overall 710 570 420
Viewing Cavity 680 360 380
Dimensions (mm) Portable
Width Height Depth portable light cabinet
Overall 670 415 310
Viewing Cavity 630 275 280
Closed 670 315 140
Product Order Codes
CAC 150/120/60
CAC 120/60
Plus addition of one extra Fluorescent Source

Cabinet Interior
All cabinets are normally supplied with the interior coloured grey Ref: 14.40D ( 5574 )but they can be supplied with an alternative, Munsell grey N5, N7,if this preference is specified on order

Technical details 

Other Optional Items

Diffusers are available for the CAC 60, 120 and 150 cabinets, but should be used only when highly specular materials are to be assessed. Add/D to product order code. Tilting table, to fit the CAC 60, used in testing for metallic metamerism i.e. vehicle finishing, surface coating, metallic foil manufacture. Add /TT to product order code. 45o Fixed Angle Table to fit the CAC 60 cabinet. Add /T45 to product order code.

Every effort is made to keep within the tolerances of BS950.  

Light cabinets ; SpectraLight , Judge 2. Verivide also available.Garment viewers ,

GM General Motors fabric recovery tester.

Crease recovery tester  To Stadards AATCC 66, BS EN 22313, M&S P22, ISO 2313, GB-T 3819.

Seam Slippage 

The seam slippage tester can be used to test for the likelihood of slippage in the stitched seam of a woven fabric. Thus testing the fabric structure, the type of seam and the conditions of stitching. The distance between the jaws on this seam slippage tester are fully adjustable for any distance between 0 - 75mm apart. Markings on the machine 25, 50 and of course 75mm.

The scale reads 0 -25 kilos in 100gm divisions. Therefore making it suitable for 8kg., 12kg. and 18kg loads. Thus making the instrument suitable for dress wear through to upholstery fabrics !

BS3320 1970

Used Tensile Testers

Weathering & Light Fastness Testers

Quickwash Plus & Quickview Plus 

To standards AATCC 187-2000, M&S P1D, ISO 23231.

Raitech Quickwash Plus and Quickview Plus

SDL ATLAS Quickwash Plus with stand

The machine provides a quick, accurate way to determine fabric shrinkage results using digital optics and computer imaging software.

Quickview Plus

Quickview Plus uses a video camera and proprietary software that loads into Windows-based systems to measure dimensional changes in fabric.

Cloth Thirstiness testers 

Cloth / fabric thickness gauges / testers;

SDL digital thickness gauge with various weights.

SDL Dial type with various weights.

Various hand held gauges

Kawabata System

The Kawabata Evaluation System (KES) is used to make objective measurements of hand properties. The KES instruments measure mechanical properties that correspond to the fundamental deformation of fabrics in hand manipulation. Five different tests can be performed using KES and the main mechanical characteristics produced, are described below.

The Kawabata system of instruments, features fabric handling, measures properties of textile fabrics and predicts the aesthetic qualities perceived by human touch. The Kawabata Evaluation System (KES) includes five ( no. 5 not available) highly sensitive instruments that measure fabric bending, shearing, tensile and compressive stiffness, as well as the smoothness and frictional properties of a fabric surface. This evaluation can include measurement of the transient heat transfer properties associated with the sensation of coolness generated when fabrics contact the skin during wear. KES provides a unique capability, not only to predict human response, but also to provide an understanding of how the variables of fiber, yarn, fabric construction and finish contribute to the perception of softness. A standard specimen size of 20 x 20 cm is used in three replications. All measurements are directional, except for compression, and are made in both the lengthwise direction, and in the crosswise direction of the sample. Appropriate instrument settings are used for the material being tested.

Rain Shower Testers 

Spray Rating testers ISO 4920 BS EN 24920

SDL Water vapour permeability tester BS 7209 BS 3424-34

AATCC Rain tester AATCC 35

SDL Water vapour permeability tester BS 7209 BS 3424

Heals spray rating :

Martindales, Abrasion and Wear Testers

Pilling new and used 

To Standards BS 581, IWSTM 152, NEXT 19, M&S P18, P18A, 018B, P21A, BS EN ISO 12945-1, GB/T 4802.3.

James Heals Used Impulse Random Tumble Pilling Tester

Impulse is a Random Tumble Pilling Tester designed to comply with ASTM D 3512 and Part 3 of ISO 12945 (draft). The modular design allows up to 4 instruments to be linked together, utilising a single power and compressed air input..


Up to 4 self-contained, single chambers, with independent drives/controls Flexible system maximises throughput and minimises downtime Interchangeable impellers for different global standards Intelligent interface to guide the user Illuminated test chamber with white light technology Audible alarm at end of a cycle Intrinsically safe test chamber

New Atlas Random tumble pill tester available from stock..

Pilling boxes and drums, Pilloscope and holoscope available used.

Pilling Tester

Twin box pilling tester + 4 box pilling tester are available as well as pilling drums (M & S type) New and used. They Conform to British Standards and E.C. Regulations C.E. marked..
Special Safety catches are fitted to the hinged door of each box. Also a quick action, Emergency stop button is fitted.

Pilling Drums Also supplied

VeriVide Pilling Assessment Viewer

Pilloscope. Viewer for the assessment of pilling on fabrics against 5 standard photographs with Halogen high incident angled illumination. 5 sided drum fitted with comparison photographs of knitted or woven fabrics not included but required.

Holoscope viewer for assessment of pilling on fabric with Holoscopic Viewing System. 5 sided Holograms with comparisons of knitted or woven fabrics not included but required.

Lab Ovens

New and Used laboratory ovens, laboratory incubators, industrial ovens, curing ovens and drying ovens.

Used laboratory Ovens 

Carbolite PF 30 Fan, digital control and temp. display. £650

Camlab Oven

Gallenkamp BR185H oven

Gallenkamp vacuum oven

Dual purpose lab. ovens/incubators

Water baths

Cooled incubators

Drying and warming cabinets

New General Purpose laboratory Ovens

Equiptex Oven


〉10 sizes 6 to 200 litres

⟩Temperature range: 40 to 250C

〉 Fluctuation +/- 0.75C

⟩Easy clean powder coated body (fan circulated models)

〉Aluminium coated mild steel chamber

⟩Direct reading thermostat

⟩Display Safety overheat thermostat

⟩Horizontal style from 75 litres

〉Full two year warranty

〉C.E Compliant


〉 Stainless Steel Chamber

〉Fan circulation (30 litre +)

⟩Microprocessor digital controller

Full two year warranty Other accessories available onRequest

 Prices from £ 565 ...New 18 litre oven or incubator !

Incubators Used

Good stock of incubators, some ovens and vacuum ovens

Used Incubators 

Hereaus CO2 incubator

Gallenkamp size 3

Int dims610 x 510 x 770mm glass door , fan, 240 litres GBP£595

Small Phillip Harris incubator.

Environmental Chambers 

Townson & Mercer Desiccator cabinet with humidity readout and temperature regulator

Vindon Scientific environmental chamber 

Crimp length tester, yarn crimp tester

To Standards ISO 7211, BS 2863, 2865, 2866, IWSTM 169.

Shirley Crimp Tester.

 To calculate the crimp in yarn affected by knitting or weaving, to determine actual yarn usage.

shirley yarn crimp tester

Shirley yarn crimp tester

s d l yarn crimp tester
Shirley crimp tester 

shirley yarn crimp tester
Shirley crimp length tester older type

wira yarn crimp tester
WIRA Shirley crimp length tester electric. 

Wascator standard reference washing machine

Wascator FOM 71 MP Lab Washer-Extractor. Standard reference washing machine. Microprocessor controlled, up to 99 washing and drying programmes can be designed as required, input via the keyboard and stored in memory. The unit is programmed as standard with BS, ISO, and IWS test programmes. Automatic Soap Dispenser, for multiple washing. extracting cycles without intervention. Makeweights, stability templates and rules, reference detergents, bleaching agents and conditioners also available, see following specifications.

Marks and Spencer Test Programme. WEIGHT 123 kg 270 lb DIMENSIONS Width Depth Height 660 mm 630 mm 1070 mm 26 inch 25 inch 43 inch

The Wascator ( washcator) FOM 71 is programmed by the use of plastic cards. We have a lot of used spares for this machine.

Standards met: BSEN 25077, BSEN 26330,IEC 456, ISO 5077, ISO 6330 and M & S P1 etc.

FOM 71 CLS the new machine, is in the New section of the website

Wascator FOM71 CLS 

The Wascator FOM7l MP-cls, manufactured by Electrolux Wascator AB, is a standard, reference washing machine. It is used to determine the stability of fabrics and garments to washing and to investigate the effects of detergents and chemicals The Wascator complies with IEC 456 and fulfils the requirements for a "Type Al Washer" specified in BS EN 26330 and ISO 6330. It is also suitable for M & S Test Method PlA. The machine is delivered pre-programmed for the BS EN and ISO standards and, with prior approval, the Marks and Spencer wash programmes.


Textile Test Equipment
It too meets IEC and ISO standards.

The optional, programmable Soap Dispenser permits continuous, unattended running - detergent being dispensed automatically, in the requisite quantity, during repeat wash cycles.

The Perspex shrinkage templates and rulers meet the requirements of B54931, ISO 3759 and M &SP1A and are used for the preparation, marking and measuring of fabric specimens and garments, in tests for the determination of dimensional change after washing and drying.

Spare parts available for all Lab Wascators

Used FOM 71mp currently in stock. 

The right is reserved to alter the specification or modify the appearance without notice. 

Wash Wheels

To Standards BS 1006 C01-5, ISO 105 C01-CO6, CO8, DO2, M&S C4A (OPTION 1 - 3, C5, C10A, B3B, NEXT 2, 3,5, WOOLMARK 193, 240, 241, GB-T SPACE 3921.1-5, 5711.

Washing fastness testers, wash wheels, Colour fastness tester, Wash fastness tester, color fastness tester, colour fastness testing, washing fastness

Atlas Launderometer AATCC launder-Ometer

Heals Gyrowash, 4 pot, digital

Heals Gyrowash, 24 pot single bath only 20 pots

SDL digital 8 pot Rotawash

Roaches three bath individual, Washtec with16 pots incl. !

Linitest ,8 pot Linitest small pots

SDC 8 pot free standing @ 30 years old

SDC 16 pot f.s. @ 30 y.o.

8 pot Washtec

Dry cleaning discs

Non corrodible steel balls

Grey scales used or available New

Soap powder FBA free 2 kg tub

SDL wash wheel

James H Heals 24 pot wash wheel

J Heals 8 and 4 pot

Roaches 8 pot Washtec

Roaches 3 bath.

New Wash Wheels Here

Burst Strength Testers

Precision Tumble Dryer 

NEW: Standard Tumble Dryers.     A standard domestic tumble dryer recommended by many fabric specifiers, 120 minute timer, 5kg load, reversing action, 2 heat settings and 10 minute cooling time.

Complying with Internationally recognised standards, it is important
to use machinery that gives consistently repeatable
results. Here at Equiptex we can offer a machine that
complies with International standards which is
ideal as a standard reference drying unit for textile

In accordance with International and retailers test
methods an accurate temperature control together
with accurate timing of the process cycle and drum
rotation reversals.

The temperature of the exhausted air is monitored
together with the process temperature. Both are displayed
on simple to use digital control
The physical parameters are designed to
meet the requirements of the following
standards and other test methods developed
by retailers:
EN ISO 6330:2001
EN 26330 1993
ISO 6330 1984
Marks &Spencers
P1A, P3A, P3B, P4, P4A, P12, P91

We Currently also have Used precision Tumble Dryers with Digital Controller. A standard domestic tumble dryer which has been modified with the addition of an accurate electronic controller to control exhaust temperature to +/-1 degree C and cycle time within one second. Capacity 5kg, reversing action, 10 minute cooling time.tumble dryer.

Twin Tubs 

Hoovermatic Twin tubs / Durawash are used for print durability testing.

Garment and printed fabric durability tester meets the requirement of many leading stores.

wpe5.jpg (11661 bytes)Standards 

M&S C15 Print Durability, M&S P5 Durability Wash for Garments and Components, M&S P6 Durability Wash for Pleat Retention, M&S P7 Durability of Waddings and Quilted Waddings to Washing , M&S P69 Cockling, NEXT TM 8 Appearance for Garments and Products, BHS TM 12A Durability Wash for Prints and Flock, BHS TM 12B Durability Wash for Special Effects: Pleats, Crinkle & Seersucker, BHS TM 12C Appearance Washes for Fused Collars and Cuffs, Arcadia Group CA10a Print Durability for Textiles BS 7907:2007:

Although not new these second hand T5090 Hoovermatic Twin Tubs often look like new.

Hoovermatic Twin Tubs 

Class A, Model T5090 30 min timer 1 years parts guarantee.

Between A & B T5090 with 30 min. timer

Class B, Model T5090 30 min timer

Class C. Model T5090 std. 4 min. timer

Class A machine should look like new from a short distance. Completely stripped down and re-sprayed. Rebuilt always using some new parts.

Class B machine will be more obviously second hand. i.e.. indentations-scratches are more obvious especially on closer inspection although the machine could never be mistaken for new it will however be in all round good condition.

Class C machine, will have been checked to ensure it works, no cleaning or unnecessary repairs undertaken. Unable to be made into a B class.

DIMENSIONS: 73.5cm L x 41.5cm x 80cm weight 40.9kgs

Packed 830 x 500 x 900mm weight 73kgs

speed 560 rpm

Durawash also in stock

All the above are second-hand/used. Delivery times normally 1 week.

We offer a service and repair facility on these machines as well as a full range of new or second hand spares from stock.

These machines are generally for sale for industrial use, we will however sell to the domestic market, as the cost of delivery is in excess of £ 100, domestic customers wishing purchase a twin tub should be able to collect it themselves.

Hotpoints £325

Softness tester 

Used ST300 Softness Tester Analogue  Designed for use in the leather industry and in the textile industry for coated fabrics and other soft materials.Deflection of the material whilst clamped above an aperture of a known diameter is measured when subjected to a specific load applied by a pin of a smaller diameter. The deflection is read on the analogue or digital gauges.

IUP 36

Balances and Scales

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